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contact-240x300The only prerequisite for being at SafBats is to live and breathe cricket in one way or another. It’s not very often that personalities of such stark contrast come together and share a vision.  Passion and drive along with many clichés define what makes up the staff of SafBats. We have put everything into what we do in the aim that we can continue the skills and traditions that go into batmaking. The willow is selected to suit a shape and a customer, we don’t just put his hands on a piece of willow and say “That looks nice, that’ll do.” The cricket bat profile needs to suit the willows full potential for performance, not the other way around. We are passionate about cricket bats, we have a great understanding of willow and cricket bats at a theoretical and practical level. As a podshaver we are great believers in tradition. The tools we use have been used to make cricket bats in this tried and tested process since the 1750’s.

The bats and profiles he has created from our English willow clefts are both innovative and traditional. They all have a meaning and a purpose, that is, they are that way because, we knows what makes them perform, in which areas they will perform, why they will perform and for which customer. Ultimately we make SAF bats to be used and enjoyed.