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Hades Bat (SR)

The Hades

Hades is our newest concept and it is a bat we are very proud of and emotionally tied to.The concept started as a technical one. The theoretical aspects where mapped out on paper, then came the calculations. We then worked through practical examples, after all theoretical and practical often have a way of misaligning themselves.

The Hades is the culmination of years of bat making experience and 4 years of profile shaping and analysis. It is a cricket bat that brings into play the technical performance hitting areas based on its pressing, swing weight and balance. Each bat is fine tuned to say the least. It is balanced, it is poised, it is destructive, it is subtle, it is a bat to cherish and above all it is bat that will have you itching to play cricket… we introduce the HADES!

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Light 2:9/2:10, Medium 2:11/2:12, Heavy 2:13 – 3lbs